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We are a group of marketing professionals working in a Fast Growing Digital Marketing Agency Based In Hong Kong & Kuala Lumpur, with a hope that we can use our passion to get you to success.

A lot of small-medium enterprises have resource and willingness to increase their online presence.

However, most of the SMEs do not have a proper direction when it comes to practical implementation. In 2015, we set up dTb Creation because of one thing – passion. We deliver performance and ROI-driven digital marketing strategy and execution to our SME clients. We hope that we can both grow together.

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What is Google Ads and what are the benefits of mastering it?

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The trainers of dTb Creation are really professional. For us who don’t know how, we think Google Ads is very complicated but the training is complete for us and they clearly showed deep insight in the topics taught. They completely altered our perspective of Google Ads.

Full Homes Group

Real Estate Agent

My sales inquiries immediately shot up by 200% since I joined their training class and followed what they taught me. I wasn’t expecting the sales I can achieve through Google marketing before signing up! Highly recommended.

Stanley Yap

JT Asia

I was already doing Ads before, but I wasn’t sure how to be more specific in targeting and gauge my returns. The trainer is patient in correcting a lot of my misunderstanding on Google Ads and I can see significant improvement in my sales. I really want to say Thank You.

Roger Lok

Mitsuki Studio

  • “Google is responsible for 94% of search traffic.” – Hubspot 94% 94%

The prevalence of the internet and increased connectivity has allowed customers these days to be more demanding and empowered to make informed decisions.

This contributed to the emergence of numerous modern marketing platforms, especially on free social media. As a result of the low barrier to entry even for the man on the street, such ads are becoming more competitive and complex than ever before.

Arguably, business owners and corporations who are looking to achieve growth in scale should now turn to more sophisticated advertising systems to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, and Google Ads, when done right, is the best mean to reach the most relevant potential customers possible as they are searching for products/services they truly need.

However, many local businesses and companies are still not taking advantage of Google Ads due to limited understanding of its capabilities.

Now is the time to set things right!

Take your team from strength to strength as we leave no stone unturned in showing you how you can generate maximum returns from PPC with the least cost.